My photo in Tula near Pushkin's monument

My name is Ruslan Esaulov. I was born in December, 1975. I'm from Russia, live in Tula, it's 175 km from Moscow. I'm a circus artist.

All my hobbies of course was tied with circus work: how to lead the circus programme, how to parade the act, how to make good costumes, how to pose the mobile circus and so on. But since 1998 I've had one more - the computers. I had started to assimilate new programmes and study design. A little later I decided to master the Internet, having my own e-mail box - got acquainted with many new friends. The sociologists said not in vain that the Internet is the biggest achievement in the 20th century. With Internet it's become possible to tell all unknown people about yourself and meet new friends all around the world. And this page was made for that.

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